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What TEMPTATIONS® treat does your cat go craziest for?


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tasty tidbits

Open Wide - Oral care for your cat - Caring for your cat has never been so appetizing! Learn how TEMPTATIONS® treats can be an important part of a cat grooming or training regimen. Read more

The Gag is up! Taming your cat's hairballs - Having fun with your cat starts with a healthy lifestyle, which should include a proper grooming regiment. After all, it's hard to chomp down TEMPTATIONS® Treats with a hairball! Read more

Fun Feline Facts - Learn all about the fascinating history of cats, read some quotes and find out more about their curious ways. When you're done here, grab a bag of TEMPTATIONS® Treats and see what else you can learn about your cat! Read more

Watching your cat leap and bound when it hears the sound of the TEMPTATIONS® Treats isn't the only fun you can have. Play some fun games and check out some info on loving your favourite feline friend.

temptations games

Scrambled Treats
Unravel the letters to reveal a word or phrase-how many can you complete? Play Now

Rocket for Pockets
Test your cat reflexes! Catapult Tempty into the air to catch some tantalizing treats. Play Now

Match & Munch
Flip over and match two treats at a time to solve the puzzle before time runs out. Play Now