Here’s why cats will do anything for the great taste of TEMPTATIONS®!

Pocket Purrfection

TEMPTATIONS® treats have a scrumptious, crunchy outer shell with an irresistibly soft, tasty centre cats will do anything for. Find the flavour that's right for your feline, SHAKE, and watch your cat come running!

Under 2 Delicious Calories

Our treats are less than 2 calories each (on average) and 100% nutritionally complete. Balanced for all cats, you can be sure you're giving your best friend the best treats with every SHAKE.

Re-sealable Pouch of Freshness

A helpful way to keep your cat treats fresh is our re-sealable pouch. To ensure maximum enjoyment, we also highly recommend ensuring our pouch is sealed shut before shaking.

Made in Canada

True North Strong and… Scrumptious! TEMPTATIONS® treats are made in Canada where felines are free to enjoy the finest in life. But hey, would you expect anything less from a country with such great taste?

No Artificial Flavours

When your cat comes running for the taste of TEMPTATIONS® treats, it's the deliciously real flavours they crave. With no artificial flavouring, TEMPTATIONS® treats give your cat the genuine taste they crave.